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Welcome to BLOPP SS 2018


  • The registration and login for BLOPP (summer semester 2018) is closed.
  • Please check independently, if the selected practical courses are listed in your examination regulations. It is not claimed that this list is complete/correct. Changes are reserved.

  • The BLOPP office times will only be offered by arrangement due to low demand!


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Final list of participants Turn 2-4 (german)

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Admittance code:

Here you can select your lab courses for the coming semester via internet. To ensure a secure data transfer the registration is password-protected (User-ID is your student registration ID). Every participant has to register and choose a password.

To register click here.

Please remember that you only have to register once in your study.

The activation of your account may take up to three days.


Selecting a course:

Please read and follow the following instructions:

After you entered your lab course requests, please click Save. Then you will be shown your entered information again. If you don't want to make any more changes, just click on Send. Note: Your information is only sent to the system when you click Send! You will then receive an explicit confirmation ("Diese Daten wurden an BLOPP gesendet:/ The following data were sent to BLOPP: ..."). Save this page as a screenshot or print it to confirm your registration.

Saving the confirmation is required, it will act as proof of your correct registration.

If you don't get a preview of the data to be sent after clicking Save on BLOPP, then your application was not sent to the system. If the selection is blank after clicking Save, check your system configuration. Always use the Firefox browser. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled. Disable Adblock or similar programs, that suppress Pop-Up Windows etc. for BLOPP websites. Only when you get an explicit confirmation, your data is sent to the system.

To participate in the process, you have to show an certificate of matriculation to prove that you are enrolled in the Master, or your intermediate certificate (for teachers). You may like to send digital You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

Check the checklists (Kontrolllisten) if your documents were taken into account - even if you have already submitted these in a previous semester. The submission of these documents in a previous semester does not guarantee that these documents will be taken into account in the current semester. Please note the deadlines for submission of the documents. If the certificates are not existent after the deadline, you will be evaluated with -1 at priority + waiting time + bonus points on the allocation list. That reduces your chance of getting an lab course.

Kreuzen is allowed only for student teachers. Please only check "nichts / none" in the priority box "Kreuzen" if you are in the master's program.

Please choose only one priority per lab course. If you want to do one lab course in a turn check with the lower priorities only "nichts/none". Several priorities for one lab course mean in no case that the probability to get into the lab course is increased, but only complicates the data processing.

The final allocation of the places in the lab courses will be held at the "Platzvergabe", attendance is compulsory. Please inform yourself on the BLOPP website about the time and place of the "Platzvergabe".

Having this access data you are allowed to visit the selection site



If you get in troubles using this procedure or wish to change previously sent data you can send an e-mail to adding your access data to your text or you can personally visit Ms. Alexandra Sybertz only during the BLOPP office times (Room 42C 233, Sammelbau Melaten, Tuesday 9.30 - 11.00 h; Phone (0241) 80-23693).


last update: 25.04.2018, AS