Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Ing. Richard Ottermanns

Leader Working Group Computational Ecology (COPE)

Leader of the IER IT-team

"Analyze, model and predict ecological complexity"



Room: 42C 251
Phone: +49-241-80-26688
Institut for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University Worringerweg 1 52074/Aachen Germany

Areas of activity:

The working group Computational Ecology focuses on complexity in structures and processes of dynamical systems. It develops mathematical and machine learning algorithms and methods for multivariate modeling, causal analysis and pattern recognition in ecology, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and other life-science branches. To link available lines of evidence (theory, simulation, observation) approaches and techniques from statistical pattern recognition, data mining, ecoinformatics, complex systems theory and chaos theory are used in a wide field of application. More detailed attention is payed to non-linear dynamics, self-organization processes, the role of information and entropy as well as epistemological questions.

For more detailed information please see the working group's homepage: