Dr. rer. nat. Thomas-Benjamin Seiler

Assistant professor

Group leader "Effect-related Ecotoxicology"

Assistant departmental mobility coordinator of ABBt

Research, teaching, leadership, management, IT
Room: 42C042
Phone: +49 241 80 26524
(ESA) Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University Worringerweg 1 D-52074 Aachen Germany

Scientific focuses

  • Bioanalytical environmental toxicology
  • Reactive toxicity
  • Zebrafish model
  • Development, improvement, adaptation and validation of microscale bioassays
  • Sediment toxicity
  • Passive sampling and dosing
  • Science communication

I consider my work dedicated to environmental health by means of quality science, while understanding scientific quality as a broad topic. Firstly, beside the aim to design and conduct reliable experiments within our investigations the group also critically scrutinizes established methods against the state-of-the-art within ecotoxicology and optimizes such protocols if deemed necessary. We develop as well as validate novel test systems and techniques to ensure latest knowlegde as the basis for ecotoxicological research. Secondly, we put much effort into educating students to become highly-skilled scientists. Our teaching helps students to evolve into autonomous researchers already at an early stage, and several of our courses impart essential soft skills. Thirdly, we aim to bring our findings to the public in an understandable way, in order to raise awareness for ecotoxicological issues. Here, we also think about new, efficient ways for communication and train our students in public relations.