M.Sc. Kim Thu Nguyen

RWTH Scholarships for Doctoral Students: Elucidating the Effects of Fungicide Mixtures on the Degradation of 14C-MCPA in Soil and Their Impact on the Soil Fungal Community

Room: 42C350
Phone: +49 (0) 241 / 80 – 27260
(UBC) Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University Worringerweg 1 52074 Aachen Deutschland

Curriculum vitae

Since 05/2018: Ph.D. student / Research Assistant at the Institute for Environmental Research (Biology V), RWTH Aachen University, Germany

04/2015 – 03/2018: M.Sc. Ecotoxicology, RWTH – Aachen University, Germany

Master’s Thesis: Studies on the Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Content in Different Teas Using LC-HESI-MS/MS

10/2014 – 03/2015: Tutoring and Homework Supervision

10/2011 – 09/2014: B.Sc. Biology, University of Cologne, Germany

Bachelor’s Thesis: Phosphatidylinositol – Phosphat Bindungsspezifität von Snx9 und CALM

06/2011: General University Entrance Qualification, Gymnasium am Wirteltor, Düren, Germany


Extra-Curricular Activities

Since 12/2018 Supervision of the Practical Courses: Ecochemistry 1 – Environmental Analytics, Ecochemistry 2 – Environmental Chemistry and Module Environmental Sciences at the Institute for Environmental Research (Biology V), RWTH Aachen University, Germany



  • Claßen, D., Siedt, M., Nguyen, K. T., Ackermann, J., Schäffer, A. (2019): Formation, classification and identification of non-extractable residues of 14C-labelled ionic compounds in soil


  • Nguyen, K. T., Schäffer, A. (2018): Elucidating the Effects of Fungicides on the Soil Fungal Diversity and Their Impact on the Degradation of Plant Protection Products in Soil, 9-12 September 2018, Münster, Germany, Umwelt 2018, Tagung der GDCh FG U&Ö und SETAC GLB
  • Claßen, D., Nguyen, K. T., Ackermann, J., Schäffer, A. (2018): Assessment of the Persistence of Ionic or Ionisable Organic Chemicals under REACH, 13-17 May 2018, Rome, Italy, SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting