Bioökonomie-VVU: Modellregion Bioökonomie im Rheinischen Revier

Project duration: 2022-2026

Project coordination/PIs:

Dr. Benjamin Daniels

MSc Alexandra Sybertz

Description of the Project:

The project “Bioökonomie-VVU” (Bioökonomie – Verstehen, Verbinden, Unterstützen – engl: Understand, Connect, Support) is an accompanying research project within the framework of the Bioeconomy Model Region, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). We aim to systematically understand the regional bioeconomy innovation ecosystems with their specific challenges, their potentials and the expected impact on the environment. The ecological effects of the transformation process in the upcoming years will be analysed by the Institute for Environmental Research and recommendations for action will be given to promote ecologically sustainable development in the region. The duration of the project is five years (2022-2026).

The consortium of Bioökonomie-VVU is formed by the following partners:

RWTH Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)

- TIE Institute – Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship der TU Dortmund

- RWTH Human Technology Center (HumTec)

- RWTH Chair for Economic Geography (WiGeo)

- FZJ Institute of Bio- and Geosciences Plant Sciences (IBG-2)