Student's Lab

The Students Lab Fascinating Environment has been founded in 2008 and officially launched in 2009 for strengthening the education and training in environmental sciences by providing state-of-the-art analytical and bioanalytical facilities. It is aimed to be a multifunctional laboratory for interdisciplinary

  • education and teaching in environmental sciences,
  • experimental work within bachelor/master theses as well as UROP projects and
  • the postgraduate studies of ecotoxicology (certification by GDCh/SETAC-GLB).

Therefore, the Students Lab is a contribution to the need for well-equiped facilities at the biology section of RWTH Aachen University as a consequence of the upcoming situation that multiple Bachelor theses start in parallel. Besides, the Students Lab acts as a platform, where new technologies of our industry partners can be tested and experienced by students. The lab was financed by appointment funds of Prof. Dr. Hollert, tuition fees, and funds from the DFG excellence initiative provided by RWTH Aachen University. We are very grateful for generous sponsoring by Nikon Germany, TECAN Germany and Integra Biosciences.