01.03.2019 | Neue Publikation online

Folgende neue Publikation des Instituts für Umweltforschung ist frei im Netz verfügbar: 

Shao et al (2019): "Toxicity of 10 organic micropollutants and their mixture: Implications for aquatic risk assessment" Water Research 153:357-368

Content: Ten organic micropollutants were analysed using literature data, laboratory experiments and prediction techniques. All 10 micropollutants were capable of causing toxicity in zebrafish embryos, aquatic invertebrates and algae. Triclosan, carbamazepine, diazinon and diuron were the most hazardous compounds in the Danube River and the Rhine River. The artificial mixture concurred with an independent action (IA) model, and risk quotients were extrapolated. The micropollutant mixture may pose a potential risk at the environmentally measured concentrations.