16.05.2017 | Successful NORMAN WG2 meeting

The NORMAN Working Group (WG) 2 on Bioassays and biomarkers in water quality monitoring, in partnership with the Institute of Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University, hosted a very successful meeting last month (26.04.2017). The scientific committee of the meeting included Prof. Dr. Henner Hollert (RWTH), Dr. Sarah Crawford (RWTH), Dr. Valeria Dulio (INERIS), and was organized with the help of several ESA student volunteers. The focus of the meeting was on “the integration of bioassays and biomarkers in water quality monitoring and neurotoxicity assessment”. The overall aim of the activity is to contribute towards the implementation of bioassays within the Working Group “Chemicals” of the CIS (common implementation strategy) of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) on EU level. Highlights of speakers included Dr. Jessica Legradi (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL), Prof. Dr. Markus Hecker (University of Saskatchewan, CAN), Dr. Sebastian Buchinger (BfG, Fedeal Hydrological Institute, GER), Dr. Cornelia Kienle (Ecotox Centre, Eawag, CH) and Prof. Dr. Beate Escher (UFZ, Center for Environmental Research, GER). Talks and discussions touched on the challenges and integration of neurotoxicity testing as well as the application of bioanalytical tools to address emerging pollutants in water. From the discussions of this meeting, a draft of a common position within the wider scientific community on how to use bioassays and biomarkers for water quality monitoring will be produced (i.e., methodology to define effect-based trigger values; recommendations for a common battery of bioassays; quality/performance criteria for the benchmarking of bioassays).
A follow-up meeting for the NORMAN WG2 will be hosted June 20-22 at the Swiss Ecotox Centre (Eawag) in Dübendorf, CH on the “Estrogen Monitoring final project meeting” (Moderated by: Robert Kase and Mario Carere), “Estrogen Monitoring recommendation workshop” together with NORMAN and SOLUTIONS Networks (Moderated by: Valeria Dulio) and the “Effect-based trigger value (EBT) discussion workshop” (Moderated by: Beate Escher, Robert Kase, Henner Hollert).