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Head of the Department of Ecosystem Analysis (ESA)
Institute for Environmental Research (Biology V) at RWTH Aachen University

ERASMUS coordinator of the School of Biology


42C 230
Phone: +49 (0) 241 / 80-26669
Fax: +49 (0) 241 / 80-22182
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List of Publications

Henner Hollert (*1969) is an expert in bioanalytical environmental toxicology. He has experience working with aquatic toxicology, various bioassays, triad approaches, sediment and soil toxicology, waste- and ground water investigations, bioassay-directed fractionation and statistical evaluation of complex data matrixes.

He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed international and national articles as well as book chapters in this area. He finished his PhD thesis in 2001 (supported by the "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes", supervisor Prof. Dr. Thomas Braunbeck).

From 2001 - 2007 he was working as an assistant professor at Heidelberg University at the Department of Zoology (Morphology & Ecology section, Head: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Volker Storch), where he was the group leader for sediment toxicity and integrative environmental monitoring, supervising 4 - 6 master students and 6 PhD students.

Dr. Hollert is a member of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, where he is council member of the SETAC Europe-German Language Branch (he was president in 2004) as well as member of the local organizing committee of the European Annual Meeting of SETAC Europe and the Club of Rome held in Hamburg in 2003. In Sept. 2003 he organized (in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Braunbeck) the annual meeting of the SETAC-Europe GLB in Heidelberg. In 2004 he was committee Member of the joint meeting of the SETAC-GLB and the GDCh in Aachen, in 2005 he is member of the scientific committee of SETAC-GLB meeting in Basel.

Over the years, he organized workshops on biodiversity, popular scientific lectures (both together with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Storch) and he was responsible for homepage and press releases of the Department of Zoology.

Henner Hollert has more than 10 years experience in management of national and international scientific projects (supported by FZK, DFG, EU-FP6 See ERA Net, BfG, BMBF, DAAD, HRK). From 1999 to 2000 he was project coordinator of an academic exchange (founded by the DAAD) from the University of Heidelberg and the universities of Uppsala, Umea and Örebro in Sweden. Since this time he is cooperating permanently with Prof. Dr. Magnus Engwall and Prof. Dr. Bert van Bavel. Since January 2002 he is responsible project leader within an integrative assessment of sediments of the Lake Shkodra by means of a Triad approach (EULIMNOS), a study founded by the Germans Rectors Conference (HRK) to establish bioassay methods for integrative environmental and sediment monitoring at the Universities of Podgorica (Montegnegro) and Shkodra (Albania).

Dr. Hollert is member of the SedNet, the Demand driven, European Sediment Research Network EC Contract No.: EVK1-CT-2001-20002, working group 5 "Risk management and communication" (http://www.sednet.org/wg5.asp) and participant of the first and second international intercalibration study of dioxin-like compounds in food using bioassays, which was organized during 2002 and 2004 by the MTM, Örebro, Sweden.